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        What brand of good tripod

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        What brand of good tripod

        Date:2015-09-23 00:00 Source:http://www.880917.com Click:

          A tripod role both for amateur users and professional users can not be ignored, its main role is to stabilize the camera, in order to achieve a photographic effect. The most common is the long exposure using a tripod, users if you want to shoot at night or with surging trajectory of the picture, the exposure time must be lengthened, this time, digital camera can not shake, you need to tripod help. The choice of tripod also has a lot of, the purchase of a tripod in fact, the main hope angle frame for some shooting situations provide stable shooting state, but there are many cases will lead to the tripod unstable, for example use itself is lighter tripod or so-called portable tripod, during turn-on angle plane imbalance or not on the button, or when the use of formal too much pulling up in the middle of the axis rod and will enable angle frame angle of oscillation. Three tripod manufacturers.

        Generally speaking, domestic can, for example. Sirui, Benro/ SiBiono, Yun Teng, lightly armed era, treasure Fotopro/ photolink, WF/ Weifeng, Admiralty, the who, JUSINO/ Xinyue, Manfrotto/ Manfrotto, Sinno, DIAT/ Association and special. Digipod/ Association Jie, SOMITA, TRIOPO/ Triopo international, Nikon Nikon/, Manbily, Kingjue/ Jinjie, Gitzo, benro a0570f, KAMAY, Velbon, JOBY/ universe than that EIRMAI, Slik/ vertical force and so on. It's all up to you.

        Tripod according to the material classification can be classified as wood, high-strength plastic material, alloy materials, iron and steel materials, carbon fiber. The most common material is aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy material has the advantages of tripod is light weight, strong. The latest tripod use dimensional carbon materials manufacturing. It has the toughness and the weight of aluminum alloy is better than the advantages of lighter, often carrying a tripod to take pictures for the weight of the tripod are very seriously, in the hope that it will be the more light the better. The first element is the stability of choice of tripod. If horse is too light or cable buckle connected part of the production is not good, will cause the whole frame hanging loose, which we can't talk about the camera steady the, but at the moment the weight of the digital camera generally within 400g, so tripod carrying the weight is mainly in the lens. First, check your camera and lens. If is to buy your first legs, it should be consider the benchmark as to your longest lens, or are you ready additions to the longest lens. With it and your camera, go to shop equipment, field mounted on a tripod, take a look at the camera on the long shot, can be very stable. If it gives you a shaky feeling, it is clearly not qualified. Many users will choose weight and stability to sexy three legs in a dilemma. Photographers who travel frequently can only accept compromise, that is, to make the best of the two. Many professional photographers have a trick, this is the tripod hung everywhere can find the weight, in order to increase the weight of the tripod. In order to do this, they in the camera bag mounted on a small bag filled with sand or stone, and put it in the lower end of the central column of the tripod, due to increased weight in the center and can, therefore, to reduce the shaking of the tripod.


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