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        Stand composition

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        Stand composition

        Date:2015-09-23 00:00 Source:http://www.880917.com Click:

          First, in the purchase of the tripod in the process, not only to consider the firm degree and weight, while also taking into account the foot rack is composed of several sections? How to adjust? Is there a diagonal brace up when you open it? The performance of the central column should also be considered. These factors determine whether to produce the three foot shaking, but also affect the operation convenience. Unfortunately, many manufacturers seem to ignore the three foot three tripod handle. The tripod support open to working height, can adopt three different methods: Lock rotating casing; be fixed with fastening screws; trigger thumb locked Zhi. However, manufacturers choose which fixed three foot way, does not necessarily reflect a three foot is effective. The clamping way of locking screw than three foot is not necessarily effective. It depends on three legs in the wild is easy to use. Three tripod manufacturers.

        By tightening method to be fixed tripod for, if the knob is not big enough, or screwed up is not convenient, then the tripod afterwards close up will surely be laborious. Assuming that the knob is placed in a vertical direction (i.e., a horizontal direction), a number of users will be a big headache for the direction of rotation. For example, few manufacturers will bother to use the arrow to mark the position of the knob. Many people will be in the wrong direction twist twist the knob, because be overdone, they cannot turn knob is loosened without the aid of tools. If they are in a horizontal direction, the user will not be in trouble during the tightening process, because he will instinctively follow the method of turning off the tap.

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