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        The embodiment of stability

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        The embodiment of stability

        Date:2015-09-23 00:00 Source:http://www.880917.com Click:

           The first element is the stability of choice of tripod. If horse is too light or locking connection part of the production process is not good, will cause the whole frame hanging loose, which we can't talk about the camera steady the, but at the moment the weight of the digital camera generally within 400g, so tripod carrying the weight is mainly in the lens. First, check your camera and lens. If the first legs is bought, should be based on the long shot, the longest shot or reserve additions are considered as benchmark. With it and your camera, go to shop equipment, field mounted on a tripod, take a look at the camera on the long shot, can be very stable. If it had a shaky feeling, it was obviously not qualified. Many users will choose weight and stability to sexy three legs in a dilemma. Photographers who travel frequently can only accept compromise, that is, to make the best of the two. Many professional photographers have a trick, this is the tripod hung everywhere can find the weight, in order to increase the weight of the tripod. In order to do this, they in the camera bag mounted on a small bag filled with sand or stone, and put it in the lower end of the central column of the tripod, due to increased weight in the center and can, therefore, to reduce the shaking of the tripod. Three tripod manufacturers.

        High-end tripod majority is foreign brands, common such as Gitzo in France and Italy Manfrotto, Japan to the Admiralty, other and AMWELL, and so on, prices tend to reach 1000 yuan or even higher. Surway, baino and Xinle is the relatively popular brand.


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