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        Yangcheng Evening News: Qin Yuhais "three power support camera tripod"

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        Yangcheng Evening News: Qin Yuhais "three power support camera tripod"

        Date:2015-09-23 00:00 Source:http://www.880917.com Click:

          Henan Provincial People's Congress party secretary, deputy director Qin Yuhai is a super fan of photography, he used the camera to record a lot of landscape, but he was finally fixed on corruption.

        Qin Yuhai is how to go on the road of corruption, it is easy to focus on his obsession with photography. The reason for this focus, as the saying goes, "that is not afraid of leadership principles, leadership is not afraid of loving".

        Indeed, the leadership of the hobby, especially the strong interest, often give the bribe to provide an opportunity. When this hobby is photography, calligraphy, painting, collection and so on, but because it is a kind of elegant, so that the bribe for officials to configure the equipment, the purchase of works, exhibition and other organizations to provide a reasonable explanation. And to accept the "elegant bribery of officials, because don't accept cash, but to Ya good equipment or exhibition and feels comfortable. Three camera tripod.

        Compared with the direct money to send beauty and eating and drinking, this elegant bribery "does have some hidden, but in the analysis of Qin Yuhai why go on corruption, to bring corruption and corrupt the consequences when, may need to using a long lens and wide-angle lens.

        Yesterday, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision of the site in the case of Qin Yuhai, citing years has been accompanied by the mountains of Duan Yubao's words - Qin Yuhai's dedication to photography, the general people can not imagine, summer, winter, take a picture, sometimes in the morning to get up at three or four am, and then take the risk of life, from the cliff with a rope hanging......"

        Qin Yuhai also told reporters that he can put the photographic materials at the dinner table, carefully read the forgot to eat; can take a good photo, don't sleep for a night after night, repeatedly try to figure out the secret; as soon as possible and see the pictures, he can let a person when is the film from the Yuntai Mountain sent to Beijing printing.

        So professional photographer than the more professional spirit, if it is not appear in the corrupt officials, it is entirely possible to become inspirational story. There is such a serious hobby and top equipment, believe that Qin Yuhai's photography is not bad. Compared to the bribery money used for profligacy and deeply hides the money. Finally, in the inventory also burned a few counter corrupt, Qin Yuhai, after all, can leave the photography works. Of course, these works need millions in bribes to nurse them, while Qin Yuhai need use their power to nurture the briber.

        Another consequence of Qin Yuhai obsessed photography is SAP one's spirit by seeking pleasures. As emperor is obsessed with beauty and levee as, Qin Yuhai has unwittingly, in government, meeting speech absent-minded, casually pronouncing the manuscript, no longer care can make any achievement in the work, from wanted to do a good job, turned the photography to achieve the ultimate ".

        But Qin Yuhai no matter how obsessed with photography, but also not to resign from his position as a professional photographer. Because he knows, once lost to nurturing the briber's powers, it means that lose advanced photographic equipment, lose people respond and support of logistics.


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